title. 4th Wall / Hollow Point / Strange Laugh

artist. nancy baker cahill

prod. co. drive studios

task. AR App development and VR integration

info. http://www.4thwallapp.org/  http://nancybakercahill.com/


Artist Nancy Baker Cahill has been a long time collaborator with Drive Studios creative director Rich Lee. After a VR demo at Drive, Nancy became inspired by the technology and began creating drawings in VR. Working closely with Nancy we translated her paintings into stand alone VR experiences that are the pillars of her exhibitions.


During this time, we began experimenting with Augmented Reality and gave Nancy a demo of the tech. She was hooked on how her art could be seen by anyone, anywhere, and the potential for AR to be used as a public art medium. In response to her enthusiasm we created 4th Wall, an iOS/Android AR app that lets the viewer experience her dimensional art anywhere in the world. We then developed the tech for the COORDINATES public art platform, which allows for curated, site-specific, geo-located public art exhibitions that explore resistance and inclusive creative expression.


Cahill has used 4th Wall to host her AR artwork at the new Facebook campus in Los Angeles as part of their Artist in Residency program, and at Desert X. She has also curated city-wide AR exhibitions in New Orleans (Battlegrounds), and Los Angeles (Defining Line) using the platform.

4th Wall

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