In early 2017 Drive Studios began its foray into Virtual and Augmented Reality, and we have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible ever since, including the first-ever Augmented Reality Live Show experience for rap legend Eminem, who headlined Coachella 2018.

Creative Director Rich Lee has spearheaded Drive's leap into AR:


“I’m incredibly excited about AR. From a certain point of view, we augment reality anytime we do a VFX shot or add something impossible into our traditional live action productions. With AR, the magic is seeing it all come to life before your eyes in real-time, on your phone. It’s a trip and it’s so fun to watch others trip out on the magic of it.” 


“As the technology matures, there will be no limit to how it can be applied to the real world. Any piece of signage or iconography can be used as an AR activation. With GPS we can place art, ads, entertainment, and stories anywhere in the world around us. We’re really stepping into sci-fi territory,” says Lee.


With AR/VR tech becoming more prevalent in advertising, the app serves as a key example of the variety of ways augmented realities can be used in our society and marketing culture. It allows the audience to engage with the brand anywhere. The experiences can be as large or small as the client and developers need them to be, granting tremendous functionality and value to an app.