title.  epoch

director.  rich lee

prod. co/label.  drive studios

task.  direction - production - editorial - vfx - color - finishing

Epoch is an epic, beautifully photographed and VFX-heavy short film written and directed by Rich Lee. Produced entirely at Drive Studios, the short follows a mysterious woman as she struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.


The project started out as simple request by Red Digital’s president, Jarred Land, for some test footage using Red’s new camera. Rich Lee and Chris Probst saw this as an opportunity to get their hands dirty putting together a project that was both exciting and creatively rewarding. They pooled their resources and chipped away over the course of a few months on different aspects of the shoot.


For example, the duo single-handedly purchased an old work van, gutted it, scraped together parts and accessories from a local junkyard, and fabricated custom pieces for what would become one of the main set pieces of the film.