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BEP and Shakira have released a new music video for their collaborative single, “Girl Like Me,” that pays tribute to Latin women.

“I want a girl like Shakira/Esa latina está rica/I want a familia chica que sepa vivir y que viva la vida,” raps. In their respective verses, Taboo shouts out the highlights of Shakira’s career — “Your hips don’t lie, they rock me” — and references both Tejano icon Selena and Brazilian pop star Anitta. In the music video, the Peas rap around various larger-than-life set pieces, while Shakira dances and shows off her skateboarding skills.

The Hiring Chain Illustrates the benefits of inclusivity through a positive chain reaction

Directed by Rich Lee, is a cheerful tale that along with Sting's lush vocals, traces and retraces the various steps of the chain, like a jazzy nursery rhyme. It directs viewers to the Hiring Chain website, where they can find the contact details for organizations around the world that can provide information, support and encouragement to get people with Down syndrome into their workplace.

Be inspired by Billie Eilish to create what’s true to you

Creativity isn’t linear, it’s a process, and what matters is that we explore that process and start bringing our ideas to life. Adobe released an inspirational video that reveals a look into Billie’s mind, as we see her iterative creative process come to life with Adobe tools.