title. the 14th factory

artist. simon birch

prod. co. drive studios

task. production

info. http://the14thfactory.com/

In 2017 artist Simon Birch approached Drive Studios to help him create a 140,000 sq ft art installation in downtown Los Angeles. Shepherded by Drive Studios EP Justin Diener, we produced the project in its entirety from procuring the warehouse space downtown, to making the space safe for visitors, navigating the permitting process with the city, managing the dozens of subcontractors which included lighting, sound, video, and daily operations. The 14th Factory went on to become a massive success which extended its run for two additional months. The Kubrick room is now part of the Smithsonian in DC and the factory itself is moving to its next incarnation in London.

After the 14th Factory finished its run in Lincoln Heights, we decided it should live on in virtual form. See how we preserved several of the iconic rooms here.